I have done a small amount of film and darkroom photography. An even smaller amount is shown on this page.

From the Kresge Photo Co-op, spring 2015. All by hand in the darkroom. These are scans of prints which is definitley not what you're supposed to do. I did have access to a negative scanner but I think the negs were dirty and/or I ran out of time. Pentax ME Super, 50mm f/1.7 kit lens, and some tele zoom, possibly 80-200mm. 

Film negatives:

I want more content on this page, so here's the contact sheet from the above photos. GET A LOAD OF THAT DUST MAN


Snapshots using color film in the same camera, 2008. Developed by Costco, which put the colored band on the bottom of some of them. 

I do have some negatives from high school photography class, but I figure they're all pretty bad.