This page includes all the content in my resume, but also has more details and links.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of California, Santa Cruz, June 2017.

Employment history

Software Engineer, Lumenetix Inc., Scotts Valley CA, May 2017–present

  • Sole author of company’s current web-based data visualization suite for understanding complex test results

  • Overhauled main production line test software

    • simplified the test process

    • removed bugs which could damage hardware

    • significantly refactored code to improve serviceability

    • improved interface usability

  • Designed and implemented company-wide database of products and serial numbers

    • consolidated data from multiple makeshift sources to replace legacy system

    • analyzed user needs to guide beneficial solution

    • features straightforward web-based user interface

  • Redesigned secondary test system for a growing product line

    • identified how to make it fully automated

    • removed unnecessary hardware, software, and operator steps

    • integrated resulting measurements into existing data infrastructure

  • Organized test result storage topology to streamline data flow

  • Developed interfaces with compiled libraries to interact with test & measurement instruments

  • Wrote documentation, ranging from theory of operation to step-by-step instructions

  • Responsible for resolving production line issues

  • Authorize product shipments after reviewing test performance

  • Serve as sole Lumenetix engineering representative at partner’s facility

    • also technical contact between companies

    • partner is a large multinational business 

Self-Driving Car Project intern, Google Inc., Mountain View CA, June–September 2012.

  • Analyzed existing automotive media network, recorded functionality, and developed audio system for next iteration of vehicle.

  • Created parametric models of interior components using a Creaform hand-held laser scanner and Rapidform XOR software.

    • This task later inspired me to try a similar process with part of my bicycle. Read more here.

  • Designed and built panels to conceal automotive computer for security and aesthetics

  • Wrote thorough documentation of work, with focus on future contributors

Independent technical support business, April 2009 – present

  • Install, repair, and maintain hardware and software

  • Consult with clients on best practices and provide step-by-step training

  • Clients include individuals and small businesses

Other Activities and Projects

  • Planned, organized, and hosted more than 100 community events with Silicon Valley Offbeat Fun

  • Created portfolio of creative projects in photography, home lighting, videography, pottery, and costume

  • Volunteered at UCSC Bike Co-op as bicycle mechanic and shop operator

  • Developed tool to analyze and visualize RSVPs for tracking Offbeat Fun event attendance

  • Wrote multiplayer Jeopardy game to host Offbeat Fun trivia events

  • Restructured and expanded an open-source library for communicating with test & measurement instruments

  • Created tool to scrape and visualize used car offers to reveal market tendencies

  • Added features to an open-source watchface for the Pebble smartwatch

  • Developed utilities to scrape the Steam game platform to research starting a VR arcade

  • Created script to scrape and post information about UCSC classes to a public discussion forum

  • Programmed tool to scrape and visualize bicycle specs to discover price trends

  • Built web-based 3D roller coaster designer for open-ended academic assignment

Technical proficiencies

Development & analysis

I've spent the most time using PythonJava, and C. You can see stuff I've made on the Technical Work page.

In a computer graphics class, I worked with JavaScript and three.js. Check out the result here.

Praise be to version control. I use Git, and you can see my public work on GitHub.

I have in my life worked with each these languages or tools: Scheme, OCaml, Prolog, Smalltalk, MIPS assembly, PHP, and Matlab. In addition, I did two class projects using D3.js.

I am familiar with HTML5 and CSS3.

Computer aided design

I'm worked most with Autodesk Inventor and a bit with Solidworks.

I used these skills while working on my bike handleengineered cake, and Switchbot projects.

Graphics & media

For raster graphics, I've been using Photoshop since around 2005.

For vector graphics, I've been using Inkscape since at least 2008.

For video editing, I've been using Sony Vegas Movie Studio since around 2010. (Current version is no longer branded Sony)

For 3D modelling, I have basic knowledge about Blender.

Layout & presentation

I've been using LaTeX since Spring 2015 and am a big fan.

I use LibreOffice Impress to make slides. See the Skills subsection in the Key Characteristics section below.

Operating systems

I am fluent using Windows, Unix-like, and macOS systems.


I'm an expert using Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and LibreOffice.


I was on the cover of a Palo Alto Weekly issue (pdf) in an October 2015 story called Mixes of Fixes. I volunteered at Repair Café Palo Alto, where I fixed broken stuff brought in by residents which would otherwise be thrown out or replaced.

My photography of the UCSC Cycling Team was featured on the cover of and in an article in the April 2017 issue of City on a Hill Press.

A submission of mine was published in February 2017 in Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools blog.