1. Before following these directions, use this link to make an account if you don't already have one.

2. On the left of the Nextdoor homepage, under Categories, click Recommendations:

1 home.png

3. On the top right, click the green Add New button:

2 add new.png


4. Click the Choose Neighbors bar:

3 choose neighbors.png


5. Choose the option for your neighborhood + other neighborhoods:


6. Click on the bar that says "Recommendations (Recommendations)":

change category.png


7. Click Change to the right of Recommendations.

If nothing happens, go to step 8. If something happens, skip step 8 and go to step 9.

5 change recommendations.png


8. If nothing happened when you clicked Change:

8.1. Click General instead:

7 recommendations again.png


8.2. Click the bar that says General:

6 general.png


8.3. Now click "Recommendations":

recommendation after not work.png


9. Click the x to the left of Recommendations


10. Start typing 'computer services'. When you see 'Computer services' in the auto-completion menu, click it.

11. Do the same thing for 'computer repair service', and 'electronics repair'.

9 categories chosen.png


12. Click the green Continue button:

continue button.png


13. Add a subject, write your message, then click Post.

Please include a link to http://froud.xyz/techhelp. Thank you!!

post button.png